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Preserve a description of videos for when they disappear
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You go to the Tragic Magic Hidea by [ImBack] and find a link to youtube. The video does not exist anymore, and you wonder if a trace of it is left somewhere, but there's no way to track it down because all you have is the youtube ID and a remark by [jaksplat] that says: Magic gone wrong. Ouch!

Videscriptor.com to the rescue! It has been crawling the web for video links, saving the official description and creating a description of the video along with any associated texts, essentially saving an automatic movie script for any video.

Of course if it is only a copy of some other video, it can tell you that, and there's no need to save a whole new descriptor for this one.

See link (OK, google found "Magic gone wrong outch", so maybe that wasn't the best example)

pashute, Sep 20 2023

Magic gone wrong https://www.youtube...watch?v=gmx1HPLK598
Ouch! [pashute, Sep 20 2023]

Magic gone wrong - not available https://www.youtube...watch?v=oaUXxadeo4c
Copywrite infringement, ouch! [pashute, Sep 20 2023]

Archive.org AKA “Wayback Machine” https://web.archive...watch?v=oaUXxadeo4c
preserves a lot of information of deleted youtube videos [a1, Sep 20 2023]




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