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tinyweb sites

A (dockable) website that pops up on top of current page in current tab
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Rather than opening in a new window, or a new tab, these websites, when accessed from the address-and-search bar, will check if the page supports TinyWeb, and if so will open as a collapsible and dockable window in the current web page, similar to "Google Gadgets" and other toolkits of this type. So this is a new type of browser served web-service, for translation, conversions, calculations, or information such as a clock, a stock market ticker, or a newsreel.
pashute, Oct 31 2013


       You could probably bake this with a Greasemonkey script, if you can stomach Javascript and the dreaded <iframe> tag.
Spacecoyote, Oct 31 2013

       Or a browser could support this by just making any browser tab dockable. Any site could be shown in small window, but this would be most used with sites that look good that way. The bookmarks/favorites could store window size/location/transparency properties or even have an auto-open if you like that sort of thing.   

       The browser could support some data from the web page that would allow the page to suggest the optimal viewing parameters, so those would configured this way automatically, but could still be overridden by user preferences.
scad mientist, Oct 31 2013

       Well obviously its doable, and even as an add-on to existing browsers. Any web wizzes out there want to give it a try?
pashute, Nov 12 2013


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