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where did i leave it . com

Helping people find lost things.
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A website, run by people who are good at finding things (retired police who conducted and planned house searches etc.), who for a small fee can help you find something around your house (car keys, your wallet etc.) that you may have misplaced.

You could email a plan of a room, and they could advise on the best places to look for the item.

MikeOliver, May 04 2003

something similar for finding your lost stuff. http://www.halfbakery.com/idea/FetchBot
[po, Oct 21 2004]




       They may find the other stuff tho, like your porn or drugs..
peter2, May 04 2003

       silly, why?   

       Actually, i was originally gonna call this idea www.whereisit.com, but that name has already been taken... by a porn site.
MikeOliver, May 04 2003

       Whatever has happened to my fiancé? I seemed to have misplaced my fiancé...

Maybe the dingoes ate your fiancé! -- EB
pluterday, May 04 2003

       You fiance is probably living with your best pal. Gimme a croissant and i'll persuade her to go back to you.
MikeOliver, May 04 2003

       I'm just trying to figure out how some bastich sitting in a room three states over is going to be able to tell me where the fucking key gnomes put my glasses.
ato_de, May 04 2003

       MrKlaatu, if you don't like this site or the way it works don't use it.
sufc, May 04 2003

bristolz, May 04 2003

       soon to be followed by "oknowimreallypissedwherethehellisit.com"
Cedar Park, May 04 2003

       it swear u left tit - oh you make me laff
po, May 04 2003

       I would never need this.. Thee is a nice little offshoot of RFID that I'm waiting for: rfid findit stickers   

       Peel the back, slap it on your item (doesn't have to be big).. If you lose it, you hit a button and multiple home scanners activate, triangulating the position to within 4 inches or less. (could also display a map if you like).   

       Bingo, Bango.
JackandJohn, May 05 2003

snarfyguy, May 05 2003


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