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whipper-mower hybrid

a whipper-snipper for mowing the lawn.
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note: a whipper-snipper is the Aussie term for a weed-wacker.

Whipper-snippers are a maneuverable tool for cutting grass, however they do not cut grass uniformly and level. Lawn-mowers cut the grass uniformly and level, but are not convenient to maneuver. What is needed is a whipper-snipper/lawn-mower hybrid combining the advantages of both.

Basically my design looks similar to a regular whipper snipper, but has a pivoting head which surrounds the blade. The pivoting head slides over the grass using either multi-directional casters or teflon coated 'feet'. In this way the whipper-mower is always level to the ground.

The whipper-mower is designed to be held at waist level. When the whipper mower is held, the centre of gravity is in line with the user's centre of gavity.

The user may also wear a belt which is then pivotally attached (similar to an oar rest)to the centre of the whipper-mower (this carries some of the weight that would otherwise cause arms to tire).

I have used my own tricky universal joint, which should transmit power smoothly at a wide range of angles. See illustrations.

xaviergisz, Nov 13 2006

Not the same, but someone else has an idea to improve on the string trimmer: http://www.stickeba...ion_cutter_uvc.html
[Ling, Nov 13 2006]

Flexible drive shafts http://www.ondrives...s.asp?recnumber=112
[Ling, Nov 13 2006]

Snip 'n Mow http://www.abc.net....rs/txt/s1941596.htm
similar idea, but as a retro-fit to stardard whipper-snippers (and no pivoting head) [xaviergisz, Jun 07 2007]

patent WO2004107844 http://v3.espacenet...DX=WO2004107844&F=0
this is pretty much it [xaviergisz, Jun 08 2007]

Necessary stripes http://i.ehow.com/i...lawn1-main_Full.jpg
As you can see, these work well even in a small domestic garden. [MaxwellBuchanan, Oct 26 2009]

Lack of necessary stripes http://www.5-starla...om/images/lawn3.jpg
Without stripes, what you have is an area of vulgar turf, not a lawn. [MaxwellBuchanan, Oct 26 2009]


       + This reminds me of an idea I wanted to post, but gave up on - a lawnmower with a "whipper-snipper" attachment. I couldn't figure out how to make it work very well and still use the mower engine for power.
Zimmy, Nov 13 2006

       I like it. The only suggestion I would make would be an open face to allow closer edging up to trees and such. Having a closed face will just push the last half inch or so of longer grasses next to an obstacle into a clump without cutting it.   

       Hey, I like your universal joint. That should be an idea by itself.
Some petrol whipper-snippers, strimmers, weed-wackers use flexible drive shafts (since the head is not at right angles to the shaft). See link for example of a flexible drive shaft.
Ling, Nov 13 2006

       I believe the reason that lawnmowers cut evenly is not because of their wheels, but because of their weight. They are heavy, and this causes the wheels to sink down beyond the grass to the level ground.   

       I had thought about this idea before but involved multiple weed-whacker heads on slippery plastic to cut evenly. I think a weed-whacker is much more versatile than a lawn mower though. It's a toss up. I just can't vote. Having the ring takes a lot of the versatility away.
twitch, Nov 13 2006

       Sounds like the DR Mower/Trimmer <link>
Klaatu, Jun 08 2007

       Sorry Klaatu, your link was broken so I had to delete it. I'll see if I can find what you were referring to.
xaviergisz, Oct 25 2009

       How would this make the necessary stripes?
MaxwellBuchanan, Oct 25 2009

       // How would this make the necessary stripes?//   

xaviergisz, Oct 26 2009

       Stripes. You know, on the lawn. Stripes. Stripey stripes.
MaxwellBuchanan, Oct 26 2009

       Ah, Ok. You threw me with //necessary//.   

       If you want to add stripes to your lawn like a soccer field, I guess you adjust the height of the blade relative to the ground-contacting portion.
xaviergisz, Oct 26 2009

       Like a soccer field? Good lord, no. I mean stripes like those on an Englishman's lawn. And I don't think adjusting the cut height will achieve the same result. (Will find a link).
MaxwellBuchanan, Oct 26 2009


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