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whistling electric kettle

…because I forget
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I often forget that I’ve boiled some water for my tea or whatever (e.g. my hot water-powered strawberry pip stripper) as I go about my chores at work or at home.

Now, if it whistled when it boiled, I wouldn’t forget, I wouldn’t get de-hydrated and I wouldn’t waste precious energy.

po, Jul 16 2007

here you go... http://housewares.h...x?CAWELAID=42493074
[xandram, Jul 16 2007]

perhaps this http://www.cooking....odde.asp?SKU=134546
bit expensive [dentworth, Jul 16 2007]

check here to hear one you might like http://www.sounddog....asp?Keyword=Kettle
[xandram, Jul 16 2007]

[bigsleep], I found your tease maid http://www.teaselta...co.uk/teasemaid.htm
Actually, I found several, but this is the one least likely to upset [po] [normzone, Jul 16 2007]

this one plays a song http://www.freepate...ne.com/6494161.html
[xandram, Jul 16 2007]


       ah but I imagine it stops when its turned off. I'd like one that continues to whistle after its boiled and perhaps gets even louder the longer I leave it.
po, Jul 16 2007

       If you leave it on long enough, the electricity company will post you a handy reminder every quarter.
AbsintheWithoutLeave, Jul 16 2007

       they already do.
po, Jul 16 2007

       I thought it was improper English to 'boil' water for tea.   

       But I think this is what the micro is good for. Continues to beep until opened.
dentworth, Jul 16 2007

       tea must be boiling hot, dent.
po, Jul 16 2007

       What [po] said, and don't forget to warm the pot first.
AbsintheWithoutLeave, Jul 16 2007

       Love how you anno your own idea.   

       Why not just get a stovetop kettle and put it on a hot plate?   

       --cool idea
evilpenguin, Jul 16 2007

       Can't you make tea just by running hot tap water into a cup with one of those Lipton bags in it?
Galbinus_Caeli, Jul 16 2007

       its a hot idea, evil birdy.   

       anno my own idea? its a discussion and I am allowed to join in!
po, Jul 16 2007

       grumble. Nothing more frustrating than bringing a troll to a party and not getting a rise out of anyone.   

       Do I have to put a Hitler mustache on him, dress him up in union jack/old glory boxer shorts and have him sing a pastiche of "God Save The Queen" and "My Country, Tis of Thee" in Farsi?
Galbinus_Caeli, Jul 16 2007

       [G.Caeli] : yes... and yes. Do it.
dentworth, Jul 16 2007

       What tune would it whistle?
Dub, Jul 17 2007

       "I'm a little teapot" ?
jutta, Jul 17 2007

       I was talking about the fact that your the first anno. I like the idea, and really, I meant no offense to you. I just smiled at the fact that you were first.
evilpenguin, Jul 17 2007

       no probs! I was fully aware that you didn't comprehend that I was replying to [xandram]'s helpful link!
po, Jul 17 2007

       [gc] We saw your warm-water-and-teabag troll coming a mile off, and decided the best way to frustrate him/her was to ignore.
Worked a treat.
AbsintheWithoutLeave, Jul 17 2007

       I was thinking "Polly put the kettle on / Sukey take it off again" or "Po turn the kettle off"
Dub, Jul 17 2007


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