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wind motor

8 cylinder wind motor
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picture if you will a very large childs swing set out in a farmers field .. lets say 200 ft hight and 500 ft wide on the very top are pyramid shaped wind catchers measureing 60 X 60. This would be catching an enormous amount of wind each time a pyramid came around. Having 8 of these equally spaced along the top of the swing much the same as a car engine fires. the wind side of the pyramid cylinder would easily collect enough wind to push it's "twin" over the top because of it's pointed shape. only one of these pyramid shapes will not be producing energy at any given time. All others will either be collecting wind, freefalling or using winds second force .... lift. 1 not producing and 7 producing seems like a good trade off.

hehe ... yep those egyptians just wanted to pile those rocks up cause they had nothing to do for a 100 years... maybe they were trying to tell us a little something. look at the pyramids at giza... hmmm the big one is very intact on the top... because it's the only true pyramid.. now look at the other two.. notice how weather beaten they are..... i've noticed that taking a closer look at these opens up ALL kinds of possibilities

dameion, Jul 30 2003


Shz, Jul 30 2003

       //Anemometer// Younemometer? You got it!
bungston, Jul 30 2003

Shz, Jul 30 2003

       For efficiency you never want the wind to directly "push" anything. All the energy will go into turbulence.
Air should always flow smoothly like around the wing of an air plane or the sail of a boat. Modern sail boats (the ones with a triangular sail on a vertical mast) actually don't go fastest before the wind when the wind just pushes, but somewhere around half wind when the sail bulges like a vertical wing and air flows smoothly around it.
kbecker, Jul 30 2003

       It's a drag machine, therefore vastly inefficient. Yer average three-bladed wind turbine does far more with less material.
willard_b_trophy, Mar 14 2004


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