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Wind Turban

heads up power.
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Wrap your turban around the circumference vertically instead of horizontally, in such a manner that leaves a long edge a bit loose to catch the wind. Add a close stand-off, to keep it from messing up the 'do, and a generator to power cells and PDA's.

(see 2nd link)

FlyingToaster, Jun 04 2008

Propellor Buttons Propellor_20Buttons
I'd like to thank all the people that made this shamelessness possible ... [FlyingToaster], of course I couldn't have done it without you> [MikeD, Jun 04 2008]

A large collection of wind turbans http://www.google.c...AQ&biw=1024&bih=696
that people have decided to paint silver for some reason. [FlyingToaster, Jul 26 2012]


       I would only wear a turban if it was weather or culturally appropriate.
normzone, Jun 04 2008

       well... there's always the old standby propeller-beanie.
FlyingToaster, Jun 04 2008

       //well... there's always the old standby propeller-beanie//   

       With which, I'm sure, you will be wearing propeller buttons.   

       I'll be damned, it's my first shameless self-promotion (as theleopard so succinctly put it), here at the HB. I feel all grown up, now.
MikeD, Jun 04 2008

       A pun masquerading as an idea, methinks.
gnomethang, Jun 04 2008

       Again I find myself unable to visualize what is being described. How can a long loose edge of a turban flapping in the wind generate power?
Ozone, Jun 04 2008

would look like a loose-cloth version of a roof wind-turbine.
FlyingToaster, Jun 04 2008

       //I feel all grown up, now//   

       [MikeD], welcome. You've finally arrived!
theleopard, Jun 05 2008

       //would look like a loose-cloth verions of a roof wind-turbine// You mean it would spin around on his head/face? Wouldn't that rub things a bit raw? Or am I still missing it?
Ozone, Jun 05 2008

       "close stand-off" § x1
FlyingToaster, Jun 05 2008

       This idea makes me want to be Sikh.
Laughs Last, Jun 05 2008

       [+] Yay, something delightful to read!
xandram, Jan 17 2013


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