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wingpeople D'Amour

escort pairs you can rent to make out (french kiss. visible fondling, even public sex) in front of you and your date facilitating saying "We should be doing that"
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Has it ever happened that your date was turned on by people making out or having sex near them. This has happened to me. I think professional and unpaid WingPersons D'Amour could be preinstructed to set the mood or start a makeout session. I think Swingers may already do this at parties, but although including that within the scope of this invention (humor) I am thinking of milder work for escort, makeout, and sex worker pairs, even males, to do.

Women could hire them too, to segue their clueless gents and ladies toward being more forward.

beanangel, Apr 16 2021


       Seems manipulative [-].   

       I mean, would you not prefer sex which your date does not later regret in the absence of the third-party stimulus?
pertinax, Apr 16 2021

       But that's not the choice...
Voice, Apr 16 2021

       This opens the route of hiring/setting up other deeper non sexual stimuli that, from knowing the date, turns them on. But that would be effort.
wjt, Apr 20 2021


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