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For snail mail that comes your way wrongly
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The mail in Israel doesn't work anymore. It was broken by a few currupt men who sold the facilities, broke the system, built themselves fantastic offices and cars, and stashed away loads of money for themselves.

The new Government doesn't stand much of a chance to continue existing, although they did begin fixing the situation.

Anyway, if I get a letter to my postbox (I mean the physical box with a cover and name on it) and I hang the letter on the outside, nobody takes it back, and poor Alberto Botouka (nope I got it wrong, should have taken a picture, I'm too lazy, and its 0:30 passed midnight (that's 12:30 am right?)).

So the idea is to have a website with mistaken addresses and letters on them. Volunteers search for the correct address and enjoy posting videos of pointing the real owner to the letter.

Its just a website for people helping out others. If you prove its you we'll open the letter and take a picture, or just tell you where to get it from. Or, if hopefully the post office becomes effective again, we'll put the correct address on the mail and ask the post office to deliver it correctly.

On the top of the website there will be a link to Going Postal.

pashute, Apr 28 2022

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       Here's a warm bun. Get some sleep.
Voice, Apr 28 2022

       Thank you for the voice of reason
pashute, Apr 28 2022

       + So sorry to hear of your broken postal system. Seems that this should somehow be alphabetized by name and or by state and street names to help people looking. how would you know that you received mail if you did not get it? The wrong mail that I get usually belongs to a person two streets away because they have the same house numbers and their street begins with a B , like mine. I usually just drive it over and give it to them.
xandram, Apr 29 2022

       This is a good, no scratch that, great, no scratch that, fantastic idea.   

       But I see a big problem coming in security though. Do we really want pictures of our mail floating around the internet?
RayfordSteele, Apr 29 2022

       Post pics of fake letters as bait...... then reel in the gullible fish who swallow it. This is one of the most perfect scamming schemes I have read of in a while. Excellent.
xenzag, Apr 29 2022

       [+] for Terry Pratchett reference. The idea's good too.   

       Missus Pilkington* the Librarian, Sam** the Bartender, and Officer Clemmons*** form the core Search and Reunite Technician (SarTech) team. They recruit Opie, Aunt Bea, Quincy, Nosy Parker, Lassie and similar, as required. Combined with the six degrees of Kevin Bacon, the mail will find it's way post-haste, as they say.   

       You, my compatriot, have created the WorldWideWeb 3.0, IRL version!   

       *real-life retired Ontario Librarian **Cheers! ***guest on 9 May 1969 episode of Mr Rogers' Neighbourhood
Sgt Teacup, Apr 29 2022

       I couldn't understand 12 hour time until I was 10 because I refused to believe people were following such a stupid scheme. How do you say 11:59 PM-->12:00 AM
Voice, Apr 29 2022

       And why should 12 fall at peak overhead sun? The Jewish system makes much more sense. (Doesn't it always?)
RayfordSteele, Apr 29 2022

       //stupid scheme// I'd better post my idea for a 17-hour day. (How can you have "prime time" if you don't have a prime number of hours?)
lurch, Apr 29 2022

       //I couldn't understand 12 hour time until I was 10 because I refused to believe people were following such a stupid scheme.//   

Same with base sixty. Nobody would tell me 'why' there are sixty seconds in a minute, or sixty minutes in an hour and why it cycles twice in a 24 hour period.
Or why there, their and they're, or where, ware and wear.

       and another thing...   

       Because Babylon, divisibility, Indo-European labio-velars, Anglo-Saxon dialects, the Great Vowel Shift and some other philological gubbins. (Auto- correct doesn't like "gubbins", and wants "goblins" instead).   

       I come from three generations of schoolmistresses, and I want to help.   

       For all the stuff about English spellings, the book you want is probably "The Loom of Language".
pertinax, Apr 30 2022

       All I know is that absolutely nothing made any sense at all while I was growing up and I figured that if I lived until adulthood it would start to make sense, and then I figured that if I made it to fifty I would surely understand by then, but I'm just as perplexed as when I started and I'm gonna need like 1500 years to even get a grasp.   

       Oh they messed us all up but good didn't they?
Our vaunted ancestors.
So willing to sell out their progeny for their own gain... and now still billing it forward.

       I get that English is a conglomeration of languages and dialects and that whomever wrote the first spelling of any English word in press got copyright...   

       ...But damn. It totally messes with those who need things to make sense.
It's not just the English though is it? It's the entire dumb-ing down of North America as far as I can tell.

       Teach for rote memorization and conformity...
...discard the rest.

       I feel that 'the rest' who survived are beginning to take exception to that directive, and it will be found that they are far more numerous than projected.   

       Pretty sure that those who are like-minded are quite done with this bullshit and that things are coming to a head.   

       ...like really quick now.   


       All because we were taught not to question the establishment.   


       How many generations does this sort of thing normally take?
...because I've seen it in one.

       Rote memorising used to be the norm, but there's been a trend away from it at least since about the 1890s. Maybe that trend didn't reach your part of Canada in time.   

       I was taught how to rote- learn at home, because my school didn't do it. I found it very helpful - I think there are a lot of people who do - but it was the opposite of what my school was teaching.
pertinax, Apr 30 2022

       The entire calendar is stupid because it wasn't a system designed with by any organized group, but by happenstance, convenience, approximation, and historical cross-cultural bleedover, and rethought in pieces several times.
RayfordSteele, Apr 30 2022

       LOVE THIS!!!
blissmiss, Apr 30 2022

       //by happenstance, convenience, approximation, and historical cross-cultural bleedover, and rethought in pieces several times.//   

       Sounds like committee work
Voice, Apr 30 2022

       And the committee weren't talking to each other half the time...
The (Gregorian) calendar has been chopped & changed & shifted so much, it's all very arbitrary now. Months don't align with anything in particular, "new years day" is some random point a week or so after the Solstice.
"A, B, C, D..." is also completely arbitrary (not even sure where it comes from...). And there aren't enough letters; multiple ways to pronounce the same glyph? Ridiculous!
neutrinos_shadow, May 01 2022

       Really not much at all makes sense historically speaking from a western colonial perspective.
From what I can gather we were just outcasts that managed to escape bureaucratic totalitarianism for enough generations to pump out a Tesla or three to enlighten the world.

       I see the pendulum swinging back in the irrational direction now.
I don't like it much.

       There is a balance to be had if calmer heads prevail.   


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