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Get Employee Discounts Everywhere
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Isn't it great when you've got a friend working at a store and she gives you a nice discount on your purchase?

Do you also work a customer service job and don't mind returning the favor?

If so, why not go to a website called, perhaps, www.employeediscountsforeveryone.com, and start meeting people who will give you discounts on the stuff you buy. Make "friends" (like on facebook) with people in your area who work service jobs and find a convenient time to swing by. Get your employee discount, and be sure to return the favor when they come by your own work.

Don't let the global recession get you down - get employee discounts from everyone!

zebramandolin, Jan 05 2009


       hmmm, horrible idea, people would surely get fired doing this one.
quantum_flux, Jan 05 2009

       36 characters in the title. That's gotta be a record no?   

       It's not so much a bad idea, but there will have to be some way of accounting and I think it falls apart there.
phoenix, Jan 05 2009

       It's a healthy idea. I personally like it. Like it as long as no one gets abused, e.g the bottom line of the Lazy owner .... But, an added event might be to faux scan certain items. Avoiding the additional sum to the receipt. As to fool security cams. While saving loads of money for your networked friends!   

Sir_Misspeller, Jan 05 2009

       This would most likely mean that employees would get less discounts.   

mylodon, Jan 05 2009

       I think that would lead to the end of the whole notion of employee discounts, and everyone would lose out.
nineteenthly, Jan 05 2009

       If he got four coffees, wouldn't his hands be shaking too much to cut hair properly? Maybe you should have made him pay to cut your hair as well.
Tony and Guy's seems like a weird cult to me anyway, but that's beside the point i suppose.
nineteenthly, Jan 05 2009

       As long as I get in and as long as it stays low-key, you get a bun.
kevinthenerd, Jan 07 2009

       I'll bun this idea if you break the title up with a few spaces. It's fucking up my HB overview, one of the few pleasant things I have to look at these days.
Custardguts, Jan 08 2009

       This would be great as a marketing ploy just like the car makers do. Why not just call it a regular discount, becuase that's actually what it is. If you're not an employee then how is it an employee discount?   

       Set up a website as a clearinghouse for managers to give out 'employee discounts' just becuase they're nice managers.
painperdu, Jan 13 2009


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