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"Use a paper clip to save the day and you will never throw another one away"

Cubes's 4 levels of MacGyvering: Solving the problem with something found 1) within arm's reach 2) in the same room 3) in the same building 4) within walking distance.

"The only two human activities with guaranteed positive results are aquiring knowledge and creating art."

"The best war to fight is against entropy"

[Jan 18 2006, last modified Feb 02 2006]

(+5, -3) 0g Bong
(+6) Baked Bulb
(+4) Bedstand Remote Pouch
(+11)(+11) Dorm Room Door Knob
(+4) FJC H2O ID
(+3, -2) Free Refill Frock Coat
(+5, -1) Motorcycle Air Heater
(+5) Remote Control Lanyard
(+8, -2) The Ramenizer
(+1) Typeface Target Tag (TTT)
(+15, -2)(+15, -2) War on Entropy
 Web Wand
(+4, -1) Ziplock Gift Bags

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