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Remote Control Lanyard

A homebaked halfbakery
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I have been using an 8' piece of florescent nylon string as a "Remote Control Locator" in my bedroom for some time. One end of the lanyard is anchored to my "Bedstand Remote Pouch" while the other terminates in an adjustable loop that efficiently secures and detaches from the remote body.

It works. I look for the remote: I find the yellow string: I reel in the string slack until the remote is in my hand. The time it takes me to locate the same remote in the same space when I am not using my "Remote Control Lanyard" is ALWAYS significantly increased.

I found a quite similar HB idea here, but was sole post of originator [Dently] who was lost in an apparently legendary HB server crash. Will soon be posting photo of my prototype.

Cube, Jan 25 2006

Remote Control Finder Remote_20Control_20Finder
original idea from [Dently] [Cube, Jan 25 2006]

homebaked protophoto https://home.comcas...ecew/halfbaked.html
I made this! [Cube, Jan 25 2006]

Bedstand Remote Pouch Bedstand_20Remote_20Pouch
A halfbakery half sister idea [Cube, Jan 26 2006]


       Very nearly redundant with the link you provide. Normally [Cube] this would be sufficient grounds for you not to post it. It is certainly sufficient grounds for you to spell [Dently]'s name correctly.   

       I would get tangled up in the lanyard, but that's a problem specific to me ;-)
wagster, Jan 25 2006

       I've never seen a remote with numbers for buttons before, until now.
skinflaps, Jan 25 2006

       its a long piece of string! hee hee!
po, Jan 25 2006

       [skinflaps] I think some of the older All-for-One remotes had digits for buttons.
A lot of Sony remotes (and probably other mfrs) have two small holes in the base specifically for tying in lanyards (I used to think they were unused battery connections)
coprocephalous, Jan 25 2006

       You haven't lived [skin].
wagster, Jan 25 2006

       What if accidentally, that string got tied to **something else**, and then you were pulling and pulling on the string, heaving on it, hauling, bellowing and snorting, tears running from your eyes, and then finally, you might say, "well, _this_ is certainly not my remote!" Would you still like this idea then? WOULD YOU?
bungston, Jan 25 2006

       [bungston] - YES! In two years of testing, I have never reeled in something other than the remote, but it is nice to think there might be a hot girl on the other end.
Cube, Jan 26 2006


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