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Bedstand Remote Pouch

Feng Shui-friendly storage system
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A soft pocket to hold remote controls with a multiplicity of installation location options. The back is a stiff rectangular card that hangs like a half-sized wall calendar. A flexible pouch piece seals to the backing base bottom and sides with its open end arcing out to form a placement pit. Constructed of but two parts, this storage unit can be aesthetically adorned for any interior and selectively situated for optimum utility and maximum zen energy.

My prototype is 7" wide, 2" deep, and 6" high recycled from an old waterbed accoutrement. It is currently mounted with a simple gravity bond between the topboard and topside of my bedside tabletop. Previously, I had pinned it to other surfaces near the region of my designated sleeping surface. See link to protophoto.

A friend-of-a-friend came to one of my parties once who had patented, manufactured, and marketed a "Remote Control Tree' plastic lazy-susan device to keep your various remote controls organized. He gave me one and it worked well, except each remote it stored had to be fitted with double-stick tape mounted mounting hooks and the rotating assembly they attached to had to stand on a flat surface accesible to all channel surfers.

Cube, Jan 25 2006

Homebaked prototypes https://home.comcas...ecew/halfbaked.html
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       I liked the photo of the fruit juice labels.
wagster, Jan 25 2006

       +1 for home-baking
po, Jan 25 2006


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