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Duck Lagrange

They have this fancy dessert but they don't have Duck Lagrange.

-The Depahted

[Dec 01 2014, last modified Apr 27 2015]

(+1) Adjustable Quadcopter pack
(+3) Car Lift Helicopter
(+5) Cloud Garden
(+2) Electric Motor Sound Kit
(+2, -1) Encrypted QR Medical Bracelet with genetic information
(+4, -1) Geothermal Vapor Distillation
(+2) Green/Red Light Coffee Mug
(+3) Hot Air Balloon-Aerostat Backpack
(+2) Hybrid Car Battery powered Magnet
(-2) Hydraulic Car Mover
(+2) Ice Gun
(+3, -1) Police Corruption Site/app
 Quiet Pants® Fart dampening underwear
(+3) Radioactive Sand Castle Therapy
(+2) Seveneves Meteor Helmets
(+4) Smart Collar & Door + App
 T.H.I.R.D. Tiny Human Infant Rearing Device
 Troll Cheese Club
(+4) WoW: Accounting
(+3) Y2K & Failed Doomsday Memorial

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