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Encrypted QR Medical Bracelet with genetic information

Have your genetic code safely accessible via QR for hospitals & emergencies.
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Sharing the details of your genetic information to the general public is not a good idea, you may be revealing a variety of embarrassing disorders or other sensitive information you wouldn't want your friends or health insurance provider to know about without realizing it.

It would be extremely helpful for health care workers to have access to certain verified DNA information that would help them do their job more effectively by having solid data available with the scan of QR. Having such data available would be a potential lifesaver for healthcare professionals; and a potential nightmare if malicious hackers got hold of your genetic code (ie: unauthorized clones, blackmail etc.)

If information was properly encrypted, hosted on an encrypted server and other security measures put into place (passwords, biometrics etc) a healthcare professional could safely access the data relevant to the situation. A healthcare professional would have basic access to 'emergency relevant' information such as Blood type, major drug allergies, and important information for medical staff in emergency situations where you may not be able to talk but could be unlocked via simple biometric (unconscious thumb print.)

Unlocking more sensitive information would require deeper levels of security (such as password + multiple biometrics) and would be for more controlled environments when you're not out unconscious on the side of the road bleeding out.

Duck Lagrange, Aug 25 2015

DNA QR http://www.ncbi.nlm...rticles/PMC3344831/
Existing DNA QR [Duck Lagrange, Aug 25 2015]


       Baked - sort of. Isn't this just the 'identichip' model that's been around 25 years or so. Thousands of vets and police stations have the reader device and simply look up associated data in an on-line database to find out all about a found or injured dog or cat.   

       Extend it to people and equip medics with the reader and all that's left to do is secure the data.
Tulaine, Aug 25 2015

       advocacy for a medical database, wkte. no? how.
FlyingToaster, Aug 25 2015

       It's not clear, to me at least, whether the idea is to have the data encoded in a QR code, or just use a QR code to link to stored data.   

       In any case, where is this QR code? If it's supposed to be tattooed on the person's face? What happens if they're a burns victim?
MaxwellBuchanan, Aug 25 2015


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