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Police Corruption Site/app

To anonymously report police&gov.t misconduct
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I would be interested in making a website&app that would help people list complaints against officers/public officials without worrying about whether that officer is going to pull them over or show up at their front door. I think it would be nice to have an application for ios/android that would allow people to report incidents of police corruption and tag specific officers anonymously.

Like a lot of other user submitted platforms (youtube etc) there will have to be quality control. The status of the complaint would have to be automatically verified or by a site admin.

Like a teacher report/rating system people add who they want to report, and overlay that on top of existing available information.

IE: my precinct is the 3rd district there is public record of XXX officer. All it would take would be to pull up this information into a database and then allow people in a wiki format to approve/deny false allegations for quality control.

Ideally it would be something like this:

A memphis, tn resident wrote: I was beaten by officer ____ (or unknown name with physical description or video) and not charged, but my belongings were stolen. It was at ____ at 10:00AM. -insert video/photo/document attachment

The same would be applicable to any government employee suspected of corruption that a user would like to submit within limits.

I don't have a catchy name "REPORT CORRUPTION ANONYMOUSLY" "COPSTOP" are the dumbest names that come to mind.

Also, seeing as everyone has a social media account I figure people could add information about the people by finding their social pages. I think the lack of government oversite for corruption in this country is despicable.

It would be cool to have it internationally but that would be rather expensive depending on how complicated the website would be. I think it could be a great service to society.

Duck Lagrange, Dec 03 2014

twit twoo http://www.cnn.com/...bbins-nypd-twitter/
[2 fries shy of a happy meal, Dec 03 2014]

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[2 fries shy of a happy meal, Dec 03 2014]


       The problem is that the level of detail required to make a report would (likely) be sufficient for the officer in question to identify the individual making the report.   

       This might work if it was administered by a 3rd party that kept the record secret and only posted "this officer has a credible complaint of excessive force" logged against them, where credible is defined as "on duty and in the area" or something along those lines, but even there the records are going to be vulnerable to search warrants, which police don't typically have much trouble getting.
MechE, Dec 03 2014

       Funny news story recently about the New York city police department setting up a twitter account asking the citizens to send in video clips of their police in action to boost public trust in their local constabulary.
(heh, never thought I'd get the chance to use the word constabulary)
It failed spectacularly with the massive overload of police brutality videos. [link]

       There is also a very recent TED talk about an organisation equipping people with hidden video cameras to anonymously record human rights violations in very corrupt areas of the world.
It seems that just knowing they might be filmed drastically alters the blatant asshole-ism of would-be haters. [link] 2

       I agree that a third party would have to confirm from both parties via a double blind.   

       I imagine that the easiest way to do it would be. Submit a claim! and then a third party verifies information and can either deny or list as unsubstantiated.   

       I think there is serious interest in a program like this being established because people are tired of feeling like the enemies. Oh no... I have a ....   

       ---INCOMING RANT ----   

       If a democracy constitutes the people in power I don't think that we should have to be scrutinized as threats. I was thinking earlier that at what point did our rights switch over from the government being an agency to help the people. Today it seems like the government is it's own entity entirely separate for the people and all we do is watch campaign ads and shuffle money all over the place.   

       When did the citizens of the united states become the servants of the government? My government is supposed to work for me not against me. At what point did america adopt a government run by money at the expense of it's citizens...   

       ---- rant over   

       So quality control and anonymity would have to be essential.   

       I think it would be only fair to the officer in question to be contacted and offer a chance to defend himself. All he would be told is that a complaint has been filed anonymously concerning an incident. Then the complaint would have whatever information the site had for him to see.   

       I don't want the police to feel like this is a tool against them, in fact having the ability to add context to a video may be very useful for ending any dispute.   

       I do want the corrupt officers and government officials to know that they will be accountable for their actions and their victims will no longer remain silent in the shadows. Still in the shadows, but speaking out.
Duck Lagrange, Dec 03 2014

       //corrupt officers...to know that they will be accountable ...   

       Most certainly, if I might mention my humble contribution, the "looking the other way" money is paypal'd and the app shows earnings per officer, can't get more accountable than that.
not_morrison_rm, Dec 04 2014


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