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Green/Red Light Coffee Mug

The coffee cup that alerts your coworkers when you're at proper caffeination
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For those who suffer from caffeine withdrawal related grumpiness; How to alert the world in a non subtle but polite way that you're going to be a pain in the ass until you get your fix?

Coffee cup with one red and one green LED, micro Usb input, micro processor to store information/work sensors. Sensors can determine how much liquid was poured/consumed to determine at what point to put on the Green Light where the caffeine has reached your system. At that moment the "Red Light" of get away from me will shut off and green LED on the front of your mug. When the cup is put away and remains idle the red light will turn off.

If you're a true addict then you'll be needing your coffee not only in the morning but all day/night long. Bring in "addict mode". Plug your coffee cup into the micro USB and input data for active coffee hours, and average cups (which it will track diagnostically) and the light will update to your day long coffee levels to switch the red light back on when the system will determine you're crashing and need your fix again.

Duck Lagrange, Aug 10 2016


       When you reach your proper level, please choose an appropriate category ;-)
normzone, Aug 10 2016


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