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The dress is fake. The girl is real.

AIM: FakeGreenDress

H'lo. Name's Victoria. I'm currently studying film/tv/animation at NYU. I keep unusual hours, have inexplicable New York City adventures, and don't own a microwave. I like subways and pierogies and British comedy and art and interesting people and snow and my neurotic parakeet and baking cakes at 1am and crocheting and calculus and criticizing news graphics. I probably like you, too.

[Jun 30 2000, last modified Dec 31 2004]

(-1) Anti-Spice
(+30, -2)(+30, -2)(+30, -2) Arch-enemy Matchmaker Service
(+38, -1)(+38, -1)(+38, -1) Band-Aids with gashes printed on them.
 Brain-O™ Brain Cleaner
(+6, -13)(+6, -13) Candy Mogul
(+6, -1) Compact Car Flag
(+4, -1) Exer-net
(+13)(+13) Fidget Widget
(+5, -1) HTML Tag Keyboard
(+5, -1) Personal Explainer
(+35, -3)(+35, -3)(+35, -3) Waterfall shower
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