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Waterfall shower

The beauty of nature.. right in your home!
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Step through the shower door into a beautiful mountain stream! The finest craftsmen recreate nature to give the illusion of taking a shower under a waterfall. Rocks, trees, even a clear blue sky are visible through the mist rising from the cascading water. Smell the scent of fresh mountain air. Feel the simulated rocky bottom against your feet. Hear the recorded sounds of a forest. Escape from the pressures of the outside world.

Water temperature and flow controls are disguised among the rocks. Humidity and air temperature are adjustable, to give maximum realism. There is also a "recirculate" setting to conserve water in the case of just wanting to relax under the falls, or in the optional secret room behind them.

Other locales also available, including the popular Tropical Springs and Lost Rainforest.

FakeGreenDress, Jul 13 2000

Artificial Rock Shower http://www.2ndnatr.com/artrock1.html
Complete with crevice for soap & shampoo. [jutta, Jul 13 2000]

The Candiru http://www.urbanleg...andiru_urethra.html
I definitely don't want one of these in my shower! [FakeGreenDress, Jul 13 2000, last modified Oct 21 2004]


       (candiru not included)
centauri, Jul 13 2000

verobay, Jul 13 2000

       Read Asimov's "The Robots of Dawn" where Baley first visits Dr. Fastolfe - holographic projections disguise normal facilities.
nebulo, Jul 27 2000

       For those of us not quite as knowledgable as "centauri", a note from Enc. Britanica:   

       candiru: (Vandellia cirrhosa), scaleless, parasitic catfish of the family Trichomycteridae found in the Amazon River region. A translucent, eellike fish about 2.5 cm (1 inch) long, the candiru feeds on blood...   

       I think a candiru would definetly ruin the scene.
eagle, Jul 27 2000

       Aw, crud, there goes the only edge I have over you people.   

       Except I know the candiru's favorite place to find blood....
centauri, Jul 28 2000

       So do I. Got a chain email on it, thought it was a joke. Turns out it's not. Check out the link.
FakeGreenDress, Aug 11 2000

       Larry Ellison's new Japanese-style house features a waterfall shower carved from a 15-ton chunk of granite. Presumably the help will keep it free of slippery moss and soap scum.
rmutt, Aug 26 2000

       Ideally, the moss is soft and cushiony and the soap scum feeds the moss. Feature!
hello_c, Sep 06 2000

       I list myself as a Carpenter in my halbakery resumé, but I'm actually a remodeller, I do tile, etc. I've been thinking for some time now about a bathroom remodel that involves knocking out the exterior wall, installing a steel header, extending the slab, and erecting a greenhouse/atrium - install a hot-tub/jaccuzi, and plants, and you have yourself a tropical paradise in suburbia. This would work best if your bathroom has anything but a northern exposure - unfortunately most bathrooms are located on the northern, cold wall, as people don't tend to hang out there, unless they don't eat enough whole grains. It might actually work better, as solar gain on a Southern exposure might turn it into a sauna, without proper ventilation.   

       This whole idea started with the idea of sculpting tub surrounds out of concrete or polymer reinforced stucco, with tile accents (I hate fiberglass tub surrounds). To add the halfbaked details, instead of pebbled glass, a double glazed floor to ceiling window, or atrium panel with water flowing between the panes. You'd have to use deionized, filtered water to avoid calcium buildup, of course.
Scott_D, Sep 19 2000

       Deionized water isn't healthy for a candiru. I had a tropical caveman shower at the Madonna Inn in San Luis Obispo, CA 15 years ago. The caveman lavaratory is pretty funky, too.
thumbwax, Sep 19 2000

       Just discovered this idea, I think its really cool. I especially like the idea of an included surround sound system playing appropriate ambient noise like wind rustling the trees and birds chirping.
krelnik, Aug 29 2003

       Tres Cool! I am picturing a wallpaper mural in this customized "Showeroom" that wraps around the four walls. Scenes would included, sky, trees, rocks, etc. Sounds expensive, but I like the idea!
Nicicle, May 15 2004

       This might be the best idea I've read on this site. Congrats!
kranedawg, Jul 16 2004

       [fakegreendress] doesn't stop by anymore (I don't think). But, being that she's a "real-life" friend of mine, I'll have to tell her people are still voting for her idea!
evilmathgenius, Jul 16 2004

       Nice, can I have a waterfall plunge-pool to jump into as well?
scubadooper, Jul 16 2004

       Sometimes showers are used to soothe the person showering. But dumping water on them when they are sore? That's got to hurt. Unless you have an on/off knob. But that costs money. And, if you have lots of shower attachments (and people do,) it gets to confusing. Here's the remains of last night's halibut.
croissantz, Aug 22 2004


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