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Brain-O™ Brain Cleaner

Clear your mind for important knowledge.
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Ever felt like your brain was clogged? Just too much to think about? Can't concentrate?

You need a bottle of Brain-O™ Brain Cleaner!

Just a few sips, and you'll rid your mind of all those irritating things you always wished you could forget — awful commercial jingles; ex-boyfriends or girlfriends; those pangs of guilt for things you did in third grade.

Available in multiple strengths for multiple levels of sanity. Think more clearly. Be more focused. Brain-O.™

FakeGreenDress, Feb 02 2001

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       Dang, I thought this was going to be the cleaning solution one uses when on brain detail, to keep from becoming a fireball-laying mo'fo'.   

       Wow, that sentence makes almost no sense.
centauri, Feb 02 2001


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