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Fidget Widget

When clicking a pen just isn't enough.
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Caught in a boring meeting or stuck spending tedious hours trying to stay awake in class?

You need a Fidget Widget!

A pen or mechanical pencil on one end, with various buttons, wheels and twisty things on the other, each of which requires a different movement to operate and makes a different noise.

More fun than drumming on a table.

FakeGreenDress, Nov 17 2000

(?) Slinky Klixx Ball http://www.slinkytoys.com/klixx_ball.htm
"The Click 'n Fidget Widget!" [egnor, Nov 17 2000, last modified Oct 04 2004]

buttons, wheels, & twisty things http://www.amazon.c...y-Box/dp/B00005CES0
[mouseposture, Oct 07 2011]


       You should be able to find something similar to this in the baby section of a toy store.
PotatoStew, Nov 18 2000

       I'm talking something a little more professional, with most of the emphasis on it being a pen.
FakeGreenDress, Nov 19 2000

       I suppose you're right... something with a spinning mirror and a button that plays a loud, pre-recorded sound of a cow mooing probably wouldn't go over to well in class or a meeting. Low key is probably better.
PotatoStew, Nov 19 2000

       //sound of a cow mooing//   

       You've met my boss, I see.
shapu, Jul 29 2005

       [+] need a few of these!
xandram, Oct 07 2011

       //various buttons, wheels and twisty things// <link>
mouseposture, Oct 07 2011


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