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Arch-enemy Matchmaker Service

Guaranteed someone you'll love to hate—or your money back!™
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Just like a dating service: you fill out a form with your stats and interests, and it comes back with possible matches... but not for the love of your life, but the loathe of your life.

Be you superhero or average joe, life is more exciting with conflict.You feel sort of important when there's another person out there who devotes his entire life to making yours miserable.

FakeGreenDress, Jan 10 2001

[dbmag9] and [notmarkflynn] worked this out on their own, but a service would be helpful in these busy times Category_20Helper
And searching for the above two persons and "nemesis" shows the success of their informal arrangment [normzone, Jul 07 2011]

Nemesis employment available http://www.craigsli...dal/3535401619.html
[normzone, Feb 01 2013]


       Much more easily done. Work with ANY of my managers....they all seem to fit the bill according to your stated parameters
ickledinkle, Jan 10 2001

       How about an arch-enemy for your nemesis? It's cheaper and (slightly) more legal than a hit man. The hit man gets the job done fast, while the tailored arch-enemy could annoy your nemesis ceaselessly, for ages.   

       Of course, this could also be called "conspiracy to stalk" or "second-degree stalking," or something ...
1percent, Apr 05 2001

       I think Jason Button is plenty of arch nemesis for me.
AfroAssault, Apr 06 2001

       My exwife annoys me ceaselessly, for ages.
thumbwax, May 16 2001

       I don't need a service for this. ;)
arghblah, Oct 01 2001

       I like it.   

       It would be fun to attack someone, but if I attack someone I know (like a manager) everyone would think I'm a jerk. Also, picking enemies off the street runs the risk of escalation. The service could pair up enemies who have the same concept of the limits of the conflict. I'd prefer a nemesis who would be willing to keep the damages within an agreed upon price range, would not harm 3rd parties, and would not press charges. Others might have different criteria.   

       The service could also provide legal services, contracts, escrow accounts, and binding mediation for ending the relationship.
tolly2, Feb 06 2002

       Seems like something that would be done in Japan.
thumbwax, Feb 06 2002

       Funny, mine keeps coming up with my alter-ego...
RayfordSteele, Feb 07 2002

       You know, a rival matchmaking service might actually be a really good source of motivation.
lagomorph, Apr 02 2010

       //How about an arch-enemy for your nemesis?// this always backfires in the movies, because once they fall in love they come after you.
vfrackis, Apr 03 2010

       I've been needing a nemesis to compete with.
AutoMcDonough, Apr 05 2010

       I'm thinking something like this would be good for personal growth. As others have noted, most of us do not need a service for this -- but finding a like-minded opposite who is bent on improving their "getting along with someone who is the complete opposite of them" skills, this might be very valuable.   

       Besides, you'll probably end up with quite a few "opposites attract" type of couples...so have an inverted bun!
cowtamer, Apr 05 2010

       i would love to join as a "hitman" getting paid to piss people off would beat my current job easilly...
remzy, Jul 07 2011

       I would subscribe to this service purely to see what my arch-nemesis would be like. [+]   

       On closer introspection, it might be a good idea to put up a mirror site to match villains up with thier corresponding heroes. I'm already pretty villainous.
Alterother, Jul 08 2011

       <Alan Rickman>   

       "I'll get you, John McClane !"   

       </Alan Rickman>
8th of 7, Jul 08 2011

       eh, the problem is that there's always a point where someone goes too far. And that point is different for everyone (perhaps why a service to help select enemies is a good idea). I wouldn't want my job at risk, but some people might be more hardcore, leaving relationships and jobs all in the wake of collateral damage. The truly hardcore might be rewarded with a more epic battle, but if someone caves and calls the cops it could easily be attempted murder, etc.
AutoMcDonough, Jul 08 2011

       Surely the enemy of the arch is tensile stress?
MaxwellBuchanan, Jul 08 2011

       Surely //The enemy of the arch// Is [MaxwellBuchanan]'s nemesis?
mouseposture, Jul 08 2011

       Alright, it's reached the point where I require a nemesis.   

       Please compose a pithy description of why you feel you would be a good nemesis for [normzone] in an annotation on this idea.   

       I'm also offering my services as a nemesis at this time to a small elite group of persons - you should state why you require a nemesis as above. You will be notified shortly should you meet requirements.
normzone, Oct 25 2017

       Lessee... I'm not strongly in favor of guns, like salmon, favor Bernie but would tolerate Hilary over another minute of the current administration, don't watch much tv, and am religious but not spiritual, and generally can't stand libertarians and ideologues. Any of that fit the bill?
RayfordSteele, Oct 25 2017

       Is this an application to be my nemesis or a request for one?   

       " Is this a test to determine whether I'm a replicant or a lesbian, Mr. Decker ? "
normzone, Oct 25 2017

       That depends ... remember the spider that lived outside your window? Orange body, green legs ?
8th of 7, Oct 25 2017

       The egg hatched. And hundreds of baby spiders came out. And they ate her.
normzone, Oct 25 2017

       Do you ever dream about unicorns ? Or electric sheep ?   

       Have the lambs stopped screaming ?   

       Oh, and yes - we do like your owl.
8th of 7, Oct 25 2017


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