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Personal Explainer

When "For Dummies™" books just aren't enough.
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Completely clueless to the ways of the world, yet wealthy enough to hire someone to follow you everywhere you go?

You need a Personal Explainer! Someone with a good idea of how things work to travel with you and explain them — in plain, easy-to-understand English. All the difficult, hard to comprehend aspects of your life become clear — using the internet, choosing the right wine for dinner, voting...

[Seems necessary, with the number of stupid yet successful people these days.]

FakeGreenDress, Dec 01 2000

(?) So Nuted http://www.halfbake.../idea/So_20Nuted_21
Another idea about people in need of a support group. [reensure, Dec 01 2000]


       Would there be an economy version for stupid poor people?
DrBob, Dec 02 2000

       I have one: my wife.
Wild_Mustang_Rider, Dec 02 2000

       // yeah, but would people that aren't that bright be making enough money to actually hire one? //   

       sadly, yes
sadie, Jun 17 2002

       <cough>Victoria Beckham<cough>
angel, Jun 17 2002

       I already perform this function for my girlfriend and my mother.   

       Angel: Sorry, but I think poor Victoria is doing a "Shirley Valentine" (Talks to walls ...).   

       And it presupposes that the Explainee has a sufficient level of understanding to make the explanation worthwhile.
8th of 7, Jun 17 2002

       Maybe we should hire these people for our president. A personal explainer paid for by the people and of the people.
xnihilo, Jan 23 2003

       ///Maybe we should hire these people for our president///   

       ...paging Colin Powell... Mr. Powell, please pick up the white courtesy phone...
Cedar Park, Feb 01 2003

       baked, baked and even more baked. every President or Prime Minister for the last few centuries has had political advisors to help them get their stupid little heads round complex issues. bush, of course, is the best example. he needs advisors to tell him how to chew and swallow.
sambwiches, Feb 01 2003

       Why it gotta be a "white" coutesy phone?   


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