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Band-Aids with gashes printed on them.

Because little boys would love them.
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They make Band-Aids with cartoon characters and the like on them, so why not print them with drawings of the kind of injuries any 8-year-old boy would be proud to show off?

Parents may have to deal with the problem of "Wanna see my big, scary injury?! Look Mommy, look!" but little guys would be less likely to take the Band-Aids off, which would help prevent infections.

I recall receiving a set of temporary tatoos a few years back that included lots of fake cuts, covered in stitches and oozing. There is definitely a market for this.

FakeGreenDress, Jun 11 2001


       Bullet-holes too, perhaps, for that American High School chic. Nice to see the return of FakeGreenDress too - haven't seen anything from you for ages.
hippo, Jun 11 2001

       This is good. I'm always keen on seeing peoples cuts and bruises. Scars are a particular favourite. If you've got a good scar then you'll always go up in my estimation.
DrBob, Jun 11 2001

       How's about a long band aid that's as wide as your fore-head that looks as though youv'e had a full frontal lobotomy....great fun at parties full of schizo political correcties.
sid, Jun 11 2001

       Another idea would be band-aids that look like they have blood clotted hair on them for the top of ones head, this would be especially handy for those who like to joust about the death metal concert scenes.
CrazyWulf, Jun 14 2002

       or, keep the cartoon animals but put the blood and scars on them.
twit2, Oct 12 2002

       or designer casts with the compound fracture showing   

       [UB] Quick! I smell vermine^...
hollajam, Oct 13 2002

       I think this is a great idea, but I just have a feeling the kids would use up a whole carton of these in one day, whether they had real wounds or not.
rabbit, Oct 13 2002


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