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I live in a campervan in New Zealand. Small carbon footprint and all freedom are couple advantages I am not your average Kiwi as I was born in Funland :)

[Sep 10 2006, last modified Jul 03 2008]
(+3, -2) Bedbug free sleep in tropics
(+3, -1) Cable Car House or Hotel
(+7) Campercycle
(+7) Cellphone operated laundromat
(+5, -1) Combined manicure and palmreading service
(+4) Country Cookie Puzzle
(+20, -1)(+20, -1) Floating Your Mobile Home
 Hammocks for the Homeless
(+8, -4) Jet Baked Bread For Hungry Nations
(+3, -2) Less Walking At Airports
(+6) Mobile Neighbourhood Watch
(+6, -1) Orbital Ice Skating
(+3) Personal Digital Shopping Assistant
 Personalized Newspaper
(+4) Random Acts of Third Kind
(+9)(+9) Random Air Travel
(+5) Round rotating eco house
(+15)(+15) Take A Bullet Luge Tube To Work
(+8, -1) Traffic safety device
(+13, -1)(+13, -1) Vacant Lot Camping Grounds
(+2) Variable decor and music to suit
 Washing TV
(+1) Wheelchair pushing poles
(+2, -3) Wind generators hidden in underground tunnels
(+4) WLAN Hatantenna

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