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Cellphone operated laundromat

Pay with your phone and get notified when laundry is done
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I use public laundromats often and there are different ways to pay. Sometimes you need 1 or 2 dollar coins or combination of these, sometimes you need to purchase a key card from the dairy next door.

If I could just send a text message to number shown on the washing machine or dryer and set amount of money would be deducted from my account.

Once the machine had finished it would also send you text alert so you could come back to attend your laundry.

Pellepeloton, Oct 14 2007

http://www.payforituk.com/ UK phone micropayment scheme [jutta, Oct 14 2007]


       The first half of what you're proposing is called "cellphone micropayments" or "mobile micropayments", and there have been a few attempts at doing that for all kinds of machine payments (vending, parking, etc.)
jutta, Oct 14 2007

       I'm bunning the part about the dryer calling you.
baconbrain, Oct 14 2007

       Have it text you a few minutes before its done.
rascalraidex, Oct 14 2007

       Where did I put my phone again?   

       Ahhh, it is on my shirt pocket which is inside the washing machine.
Pellepeloton, Oct 15 2007


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