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Random Acts of Third Kind

Pay someone elses drink
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I lost my wallet while traveling.

I had no money and wanted just a glass of water.

I asked at a burgerjoint in a shopping centre and it was supposed to cost 70 cents.

I explained that I lost my wallet but got no mercy so I had to ask two other places before I got glass of water.

That was a week ago and I got a new Visa card send over from New Zealand . So next time I go past those poor cafes I will give 2 Euros each so next person without money asks for a drink will get one on me.

That is the idea, random person gets a drink with no obligations.

Pellepeloton, Aug 16 2008

Pay It Forward http://en.wikipedia...wiki/Pay_it_forward
'Pay It Forward', a term used to describe the concept of third party beneficiary. [kuupuuluu, Aug 16 2008]


       I think what you're describing is something similar to the 'Pay It Forward' concept. See link.
kuupuuluu, Aug 16 2008

       You are lucky you didn't get tasered for aggressive panhandling. I guess because you were travelling somewhere that they knew what Euros were.
bungston, Aug 16 2008

       Retributive compassion? For me doing someone a favor feels good all the time. Anyway throw your favor to the people who actually gave you a drink (they deserve it) and don't throw your shadow on the places that didn't even if you do want to show what jerks they are. And spread the word. Unless you like having them around.....
WcW, Aug 16 2008

       Don't pay it forward. Those other joints probably refuse water so that people think they'll be nice to someone else by offering the cost of the water... Then they pocket the change you gave them, and refuse water to the next thirsty person as well!   

       So by helping others out there, you'll just let those places stay in business that much longer. Instead, go on in, and when it's time to order, ask for some expensive meal, flip through the bills in your wallet, and then say "Oh, that's right. I don't eat here any more because you're too cheap to give a thirsty fellow some water." and walk back out. They hate it when people make a scene.
ye_river_xiv, Aug 18 2008

       +1 to ye_river_xiv, -1 to the idea...   

       Im all for making a scene, especially at a tight arse restaurant that was too stingy to give a glass of water.
g00r, Aug 20 2008

       Looks like this is baked but I like the comments so I will keep it until I get another HB idea.   

       ye_river_xiv I like your idea, I have days when I like making a scene and what is better place than burger joint.
Pellepeloton, Aug 20 2008


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