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Vacant Lot Camping Grounds

Suburban RV camping with a difference
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Lot of new subdivisions stay often empty for a long time before they are sold and someone starts building on them.

I have spent a few nights with my campervan on those vacant lots and find them quite peaceful and often there are great views. If there was power, water tap, sewerage and rubbish collection, then I could even pay for my stay. Maybe a parking meter style payment system for water and power?

These sites would best suit to self contained vehicles and could have gates with keycodes to prevent freecamping. First in first served basis.

Pellepeloton, Jan 17 2008

Mobile neigborhood watch Mobile_20Neighbourhood_20Watch
my other related idea [Pellepeloton, Jan 22 2008]


       It's a nice idea, but an insurance nightmare.
MisterQED, Jan 17 2008

       Where I live there's been a lot of problems in subdivisions with criminals coming in and stealing from the construction sites. Taking everything _including_ the kitchen sink. Perhaps a few campers and watchful eyes scattered about would help cut down on that. [+]
Noexit, Jan 17 2008

       an offsite station that monitors all of this digitally via video feed could make this better. when you register the first time, you could set your preferences of payment for the services (such as credit card or bill collecter in a small toll booth which would be open to 'non digital' people). including your cellphone number wouldnt require you to exit your vehicle and would allow you to hear the rules and regulations for the park. an rf tag could be assigned to your vehicle(s) so you can enter and exit the gate without bothering the attendant. of course, a snapshot would be taken every time you exit/enter. a courtesy call inquiring of your next due payment would be nice, and if the debt was not paid, services would be suspended and a fee could be charged after a set ammount of time. [+]
crazyrog17, Jan 18 2008

       [crazyrog17], You have just described the future.
normzone, Jan 18 2008

       I would expect that if the subdivision is built to a state where you can easily drive in (ie. roads finished), the water, power, sewerage and phone connections would already be in place.
If said subdivision was also being built on, construction workers would need access to these services as well, so plugs/sockets/flanges would be installed on some sites, so why not all?
This is an outstanding idea, as (especially in NZ) campervan parks are typically overcrowded during peak season. This would allow those who wish to, to be a bit more 'free' in their travels (because most of the touristy spots have subdivisions popping up around them).
neutrinos_shadow, Jan 18 2008

       I have to admit I have done this in New Zealand. My favorite spot is in Christchurch. The spot is on top of the hill overlooking a beach. Quiet and great views but no kookups or fee so perfect place for freedom camping or boondocking as you call it in the US.
Pellepeloton, Dec 20 2008

       Wal-Mart (shudder) allows people to park their RVs there indefinitely.
Spacecoyote, Dec 20 2008

       No Wal-Marts here in NZ but I could try parking at The Big Red Shed, (The Warehouse) car park. But I prefer some scenic and quiet locations like the one I described, In fact I am on the very same spot at the moment.   

       Builders are on the job with couple of houses but still plenty of space for me to park here when I am in Christchurch :)
Pellepeloton, Jan 27 2009


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