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Less Walking At Airports

Bicycle Rikshaws For Hire At The Airports
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Airports can be daunting place for people who have mobility challenges or are just lazy to walk. Normally the airports supply wheelchair and somebody will push you. There is not much dignity in that. I have been using crutches but I didn't want anybody to push me on wheelchair so I walked quite a distance. I suggest that airports would subcontract cycle rikshaws to take people to their gates. Of course there are those electric golf carts but they have no style. People with genuine need would be first served but then lazy people who just don't like walking could hire a rikshaw to take them around for a fee. Also there would be a big space for advertising at the back of the rikshaw so airports would earn money with them.
Pellepeloton, Sep 21 2006

Motorised Rikshaws http://www.tuctuc.c...2B%22RICKSHAW%22%22
The first operator license ever to be granted outside of Asia. [DrBob, Sep 21 2006]


       Without tickets or boarding passes how do the rickshaw carriers pass through the security gates? And wouldn't you always wonder, "Is that rickshaw coolie really a terrorist in disguise? He looks shifty under that lampshade."
jurist, Sep 21 2006

       Separate rikshaw riders both sides of customs and as with all other airport staff they'll need security checks and clearance. Have you watched too many 9/11 movies perhaps?
Pellepeloton, Sep 21 2006

       I've actually pedaled one of those rikshaws. They're bloody heavy! I'd go for the motorised kind like we've got here (link).
DrBob, Sep 21 2006

       Being heavy should not be a problem but those carpets they have in some airports can sap the energy. Good for walkers but anything with wheels is like riding a bike on sand.
Pellepeloton, Jan 27 2009

       If you can't be bothered to walk through the airport, why do you think you deserve to go on holiday? - fish!
Twizz, Jan 28 2009


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