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Variable decor and music to suit

private cabins with self selected music and decor
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As it happens I am writing this on Gengy's Mongolian Barbeque restaurant and battery is low on my laptop so no time to research if this has been baked?

How about a food court with 12 ethnic restaurants and,

several soundproof cabins. This would be good to keep the general open area more quiet. Groups in cabins could have their own private conversation in privacy and have more intimate dining experience and,

Variable theatre style blinds you can pull down to change the decor to suit the food and,

Jukebox in each cabin to select suitable ethnic music to suit the decor and menu.

If people are eating food from various restaurants the music would be mix of the and decor could be different on each wall.

Also for some private occasion like birthdays you would be able to bring your own music in a CD and supply your own photos and posters to be hung on the wall.

Pellepeloton, Oct 20 2006


       Sounds ex pensive.   

       [2 fries], would that mean "out of thoughtfullness"?
dbmag9, Oct 21 2006

       [2 fries] No it wasn't expensive, I mean the lunch at Gengy's.   

       This private cabin concept maybe expensive but sharing costs in a multi restaurant complex would bring the prices down. There would be also the general area for single people in the middle. Maybe separate menus and waiters for cabin diners?
Pellepeloton, Oct 22 2006


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