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A computer professional of some years.

Living in the UK.

Found this site by accident whilst convalescing with a bust foot.

Really quite likes it a lot.

[May 21 2001]

(+11)(+11) Anger Gym
(+2) Biramos
(+1) Biscuit crutons
(+10)(+10) Colour Coded Blades
(+8, -5) Extra Medium
 global hollywood signs
(+2) My First Scrabble Set
(+1, -3) National Slotterly
(+5, -2) Prehensile Hair
(+4, -1) Queensbur-E Rules
(+1, -10)(+1, -10) Reflective Toilet Tissue
(+8, -6) Single vowel English
(+1) Slimming mirror

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