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Anger Gym

A room in every workplace for those special moments
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Almost all of us, even the most placid and well adjusted, feel anger at work from time to time. Instead of internalising it, or embarassing yourself by venting it randomly, why not equip each and every work place with an Anger Gym?

The idea is; once you have built up a good head of steam, you step inside to vent your frustrations. The walls and floor are padded, there is a tackling dummy and a punch bag and a padded face of each and every one of your "colleagues". These faces can be affixed to the dummy or the bag so that you can better focus your rage on the cause of your fury.

Also present would be a number of padded simulcra resembling tyre irons, cricket bats, frying pans etc. All tools designed to help you better express your frustration.

As long as you remember to replace the face you have been smiting upon leaving, no one will ever know...

And as a bonus you could harness the energy created to power the little red light abve the door outside that says: "Beating in progress"

Spidergoat, Jun 08 2001


       the only thing i agree with is the category choice.
mihali, Jun 08 2001

       It was pretty tongue in cheek idea.   

       I am not a violent person.
Spidergoat, Jun 08 2001

       what if you are the type who suffers from generalised anger? You know a bunch of little things that are no one's fault give you the impression that the universe is out to get you? Who do you punch then? (not that I know anyone like this... my "friend" has this problem though...)
futurebird, Jul 28 2002

       I disagree, UB. I used to have a terrible temper (I haven't lost it for about ten years, now, and counting), and it's not the same as just being pissed off. If you know you're going to lose control, better to do it in private and to inanimate objects than to another person. Once the rage has passed, it doesn't matter how unsatisfying it was.
yamahito, Jul 28 2002

       You know, you're kind of funny looking, yamahito. Not just *kind* of funny looking - *really* funny looking. Weird. Kooky. Goofy. Strange. All those things.
thumbwax, Jul 28 2002

       It's so true.
yamahito, Jul 28 2002

       Did you pick those clothes out your elf?
thumbwax, Jul 28 2002

       Good idea. It appears that those who dont like your idea are "holyer than thou." They must not get irritated by coworkers, so that must mean they are the irritating coworkers.
ImBack, Aug 22 2002

       I once went into the walk-in at work and beat the crap out of a bag of onions when one of the waitresses made me mad, so I can definitely see a use for this.
jaksplat, Dec 17 2004


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