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[Sep 25 2017, last modified Apr 17 2018]
(+1) A Piece Of The International Silver Lining
 Arms Race Calendar
(+1) Businessman's Underpants
(+2) Conga Line Duty
(+4) Demolition Derby Symphony Orchestra
(+4) Extreme UTC Time Zones
(+6) High Striker Elevator
(+5) Human Willpowered Long-Haul Airlines
(+1) Imaginary Library
(+4) International Receding Hairline
(+1, -2) Invisible Friend Flying Round The Universe Charity Fundraiser
(+8)(+8) My Silly Secret Soulmate
(+2) Raw Fish From Outer Space
 Royal Air Display
(+2) Sun-Dried Tomorrows
(+9)(+9) The Emergency Ex-suit
(+3) Toilet-For-Two Seesaw
(+1) Tumbleweed Rocket Launcher
(+5) Vending Machine Masterpieces
 We Love You Thru And Drive-Thru!
(+3) World Harmonium

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