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A Piece Of The International Silver Lining

Optical Frames for Optimist Training
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The International Silver Lining is an imaginary line encircling the Earth. A symbol of hope no matter which way you go.

Something so big can be hard to imagine, so now you can purchase a real piece of the International Silver Lining to help train your imagination. This is a silver-plated glasses frame sans lenses and bottom half of frame. It's always in the upper part of your vision, giving your world a silver lining.

You don't need to "look for the Silver Lining" anymore! It's right there!

Treejuice, May 06 2019

a round tuit https://www.google....grc=IAdeRjpHtarwrM:
[Skewed, May 06 2019]


       Oh good! I can put it next to my round toit on the windowsill.
Skewed, May 06 2019


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