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My Silly Secret Soulmate

Your secret's silly with me... some guy
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You’re paired with an equally sexy stranger from somewhere, anywhere in the world in an anonymous chat. Between the two of you, invent a new word/unique phrase. Say your word/phrase to as many people as possible and get it out there ’til you find each other.

There is another pair attempting the same thing. Or maybe a dozen pairs. The first pair to find each other, meet up and MADLY EMBRACE win!

ATTENTION: you’re not allowed to tell people it’s part of a game. Otherwise people would share it online to help you and it'd be too easy.... But it could get interesting if people didn’t understand why you kept spamming “Floygenberry Cabbage Alarm” and people reposted it as some meme, making it harder to find your real partner without asking about the game.

Big romantic gestures are encouraged, like writing "LOGWIFFER" on a fleet of zeppelins - global media would report on it, your partner could follow the trail to see who paid for it etc. but WATCH OUT! The other pair/s could be on the lookout for odd words/phrases and disseminate them too, hoping to confuse your search. You might need to be more careful, slipping "Randy Cat Poptarts” or “Wayhey Chilly Bazinga” smoothly into your conversations and local newspaper ads instead. I have no idea.

Variation: you’re only allowed to use your own voice - no text or bribed news anchors. Take a megaphone to the streets and stadiums of the world shouting “10 ZILLION JERUSALEM CRABS”!!!! hoping desperately for someone, anyone to reply, and keep replying, shouting it over and over desperately as you both repeat it, getting closer until you gaze into each other’s eyes, finally embrace, realising you have found…. your Silly Secret Soulmate

Treejuice, Sep 25 2017


       This is original. Crazy, but original. I'll give it aaaaa bone. No... bun. Wait, no, ok. Bun. [+]
doctorremulac3, Sep 25 2017

       Can mine be a random sequence found in pi?
RayfordSteele, Sep 25 2017

       [RayfordSteele]; considering the transcendental nature of pi, pick a number sequence (ANY number sequence) and it will be from pi.
neutrinos_shadow, Sep 25 2017

       //pick a number sequence (ANY number sequence) and it will be from pi//   

       Contrary to popular belief, this has not been proved - even if you qualify it by inserting the word "finite" somewhere (which is probably what you meant).
Wrongfellow, Sep 26 2017

       //You’re paired with an equally sexy stranger   

       You lost me at the first sentence. Now if you had said 'a MORE sexy stranger' or even just 'sexy stranger' that would have improved my interest immensely.
AusCan531, Sep 26 2017

       Yes, neutrino's, I'm well aware, thanks.   

       I think I'll pick every other digit of e. It'll take only half the time...
RayfordSteele, Sep 26 2017

       Some British advertising exec once wrote a satirical book called "Meetings, Meetings", which contained a list of anti-motivational games. One game had several people agree on a new ridiculous word for the day and the first person who used it in a meeting, without being called out for it, would be awarded points.
4and20, Oct 28 2021


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