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Why do I love this site? It seems to be a perfect continuation of a 90s BBC children's TV show called It'll Never Work that I used to love when I was little.


[May 09 2007, last modified Aug 14 2008]

(+4) bubbles flow viz
(+4) bubbles washing up liquid
(+4) cake and butter pudding
(+1, -5) candy floss dryer
(+11)(+11) captain stalemate
(+2) dynamic product placement
(+2, -9)(+2, -9) empirical ethics
(+7, -1) formicarium furniture
(+4, -5) free lottery
(+8, -1) guerilla balloon messaging
(+3) hello world
(+3, -1) in-game take-out
(+1, -2) internet attached storage
(+3) magnetic cube puzzle
(+1, -2) open social networking
(+2) phond dipping
(+3, -2) psycholinguistic compression
(+4, -1) rabbit milk
(+1) sound board seating
 the pace breaker
(+1) touch texting
(+17, -1)(+17, -1) transparent eggs
(+2) virtual tourism
(+3, -1) visible blindspots
 washable graffiti

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