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captain stalemate

bodyguard and timebuyer par excellence
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As a child, Captain Stalemate was granted one wish. He wished to be as good as anyone at martial arts.

Now, whenever he gets in a fight, he is as good as the person/people he is fighting! Neither he nor his opponent(s) can win. The fight goes on indefinitely, or until participants become bored.

He is an invaluable member of any team of superheroes, but has deep emotional problems with never getting starring roles due to his inability to... overcome obstacles.

However, in films he is great because you can pad out any scene with arbitrary amounts of arbitrary quality plot-hole-free fight sequence.

His fights can become quite surreal when he is fighting simultaneously against many opponents of different skills and characteristics.

conskeptical, Jun 12 2008


       As long as he doesn't become a cereal mascot.
Spacecoyote, Jun 13 2008

       Just a couple of points for clarity ..   

       If someone fires a 'fireball' at him -- does he fire one back therefore causing equal damage .. or does he 100% absorb it with an ice-shield, leaving both fight participants back on par?!   

       If the former .. surely fights would not go on indefinately -- rather they would both concede defeat/be knocked unconcious/die exactly simultaneously.   

       God I think about these things too much!!! (+)
britboy, Jun 13 2008

       it's very simple, captain stalemate cannot lose, and he cannot win. Within those bounds, and the current narrative imperative, anything can happen.
conskeptical, Jun 13 2008

       I'm thinking the ice shield thing happens in the event of a fireball fired at our Capt. He's not Capt. Mirror-image, he's Capt. Stalemate. He only has to provide the best defense/reaction to an attack, not necessarily the same attack.   

       This guy would simultaneously be the crappiest and coolest superhero ever.
Noexit, Jun 13 2008

       //anything can happen//
In the issue of "Bizarro Captain Stalemate", they play tic-tac-toe.
Amos Kito, Jun 13 2008


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