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rabbit milk

jumping on the superfoods bandwagon
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According to wikipedia, 'the milk of rabbits is highly nutritious and among the richest of that of all mammals.'

(I think we need to do a survey on the milk of non-mammals now.)

This sounds like an excellent opportunity to peddle said milk to the superfood community. It could be sold in very small quantities (say 250ml bottles) for very high prices.

Milking rabbits efficiently would require a bit of engineering, but the speed of rabbit reproduction and the cheapness of rabbits might more than make up for it.

Would be it possible to get more milk per unit of cash out of rabbits than from cows, or goats, or sheep?

In addition, rabbits can be more easily genetically modified than cows (faster generation time), so you could more easily get designer milk out of rabbits.

conskeptical, Mar 20 2008

The Composition of Rabbit's Milk http://journals.cam...66d3592b187924f0996
an interesting paper! [conskeptical, Mar 20 2008]

Rabbit's Milk Saves Babies http://news.bbc.co....i/health/852647.stm
proof that rabbit's milk is excellent [conskeptical, Mar 20 2008]

From one of these http://www.geocitie.../common_rabbuck.jpg
A giant futuristic rabbit [nineteenthly, Mar 20 2008]

Don't blink too soon, [po] http://www.ahajokes.com/cartoon/15.jpg
[skinflaps, Mar 20 2008]

Jackalope milk is like, way better. http://www.jackalop...d_of_jackalope.html
[2 fries shy of a happy meal, Mar 20 2008]


       ...genetically modified to make Chocolate Bunny-milk? (still thinking about this...)
xandram, Mar 20 2008

       <compares size of rabbit with a cow> hmmmm
po, Mar 20 2008

       //I think we need to do a survey on the milk of non-mammals now.//

No survey necessary; non-mammals don't produce milk.
angel, Mar 20 2008

       What is milk though? Some birds produce a secretion from their crops to nourish their young and young cartilaginous fish eat their mothers' eggs. Then there are cephalopods and animals which produce nutritious liquids of other kinds.   

       I think your best bet would be giant futuristic rabbits or those things that live in the upsilon lupi system.
nineteenthly, Mar 20 2008

       of course [flaps] tubby type rabbits.   

       btw, men can produce milk too. just saying.
po, Mar 20 2008

       Waiter - this milk has a hare in it.
xenzag, Mar 20 2008

       While we're at it we can design them to lay eggs and cluck!
qt75rx1, Mar 20 2008

       According to a wide spectrum of Interweb resources, seal milk, whale milk, reindeer milk, rabbit milk, kangaroo milk and cat milk are all the most nutritious in the animal kingdom.
MaxwellBuchanan, Mar 20 2008

       Apparently it's Cravendale. That milk is so good the cows want it back...
wagster, Mar 20 2008


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