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[Aug 12 2009]
(+2) angling food container holders
(+13)(+13) Auto bra
(+2, -1) ceiling fan on crane
(+7) Double ended bulldozer
(+3) Double strike hammer
(+4) Front door belts
(+6) Garbage Truck Tracker
(+14)(+14) Geezer Jeopardy!
(+10)(+10) Grandfather projection clock
(+10, -1)(+10, -1) Grieving cream
(-1) Ground based video feed to pilots
(+4) Hologram for safer motoring
(+1) kitchen sink percussion section
(+1) leaf blower gate opener
 Portable UPS sounds for their drivers
(+8)(+8) Robe with half pant legs
(+2) Speed Bumps Made From Stuff Thrown Out of Cars
(+6) speedometer/airspeed gauge
(+5) wearable light bar
(+6, -1) Writhing Tablet

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