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Robe with half pant legs

Sewn in pajama legs that stop just above hemline of robe
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When you have to walk out front to get the paper and are not dressed just slip into this robe and close the pant legs behind with velcro to look not under dressed. Even receive guests.
cudgel, Nov 10 2015


       Excellent - a solution to a nearly non-existent problem which is more difficult and more bother than quickly slipping on a pair of trousers, with none of the advantages of wearing actual trousers. [+]
hippo, Nov 10 2015

       // When you have to walk out front to get the paper and are not dressed //   


       Maybe that's what all the screaming's about on Sunday mornngs. We have always been puzzled by that.
8th of 7, Nov 10 2015

       Maybe if you hadn't assimilated little Bobby they wouldn't be so upset.
Voice, Nov 10 2015

       Wouldn't it be more impressive if it were boxers fringe hanging below the robe line?
4and20, Nov 10 2015

       Cudg, your robe is not as long as it used to be now that your raw dough habit has grown your belly so. On warm days your proposed garment may not quite suffice.
bungston, Nov 10 2015

       Excellent idea. We need more of these. Oh wait...is there enough room?
blissmiss, Nov 10 2015

       Idea inspired by an 86 year old neighbor whom I often see as I pass by on my bike. He always looks so put together and debonair in his robe and pajama bottoms showing below. He looks as though ready for a visit from royalty, as soon as he reads the paper.
cudgel, Nov 10 2015

       Isn't this the outfit of the classic flasher? Fake pant legs and an easily to open front?
doctorremulac3, Nov 10 2015

       ^ That would be a trench coat, I believe.
cudgel, Nov 11 2015

       For some reason the title of this idea makes me want to post my "Robot with harp ant legs" idea
hippo, Nov 11 2015


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