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(pronounced "lick-y")

This is by far my favorite experience with Microsoft Word... In writting one of my ideas (Fish Tank Moat), I typed "sucker fish". Word didn't really like that, so it underlined it in green to signal a grammatical error. I right click on it and see that it suggests I replace it with "suckerfish". Fine by me - I'm not familiar enough with the little guys to know which way is proper. But as soon as I accept their suggestion, it becomes underlined in red, since "suckerfish" is apparently not a real word. And the best part is this - apparently, "suckerfish" is so far from being a real word, that they don't even have any suggestions for how it should be spelled properly... Thank you, Microsoft.

Boney-Bun: Oh how it looks so nice and fluffy from the outside, but alas... closer inspection reveals a skeleton within! Good parts of an idea + bad parts of an idea = Boney-Bun (neutral vote)

Full time position as rock star. You supply throngs of loyal fans and dump trucks full of money. I supply gear, underdeveloped talent, inflatable ego, and eccentric personality. Willing to work with others during formative years of the band, then develop irreconcilable differences. Unsure of willingness to commit tragic drug overdose at prime of career, but discussion is welcome. Have already experienced criticism and failure, offers with potential for further experience will be considered less desirable. Open to offers from all genres (sell-out rates may apply). Please contact my Yoko Ono with all proposals, as I have given her control of all career decisions. Thank you.

You can keep your fancy light bulbs and electricity - I prefer to light my way with the brilliance of my ineptitued.

He who throws stones should not build shabby glass houses and then cry when they break...

It's just a little rain...

[Jul 07 2004, last modified Oct 27 2004]

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