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The Thinking Throne

A chair to help focus your creative thoughts.
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As of today (12/12/03), the Halfbakery has 557 matches for the term “toilet”, 413 for “bathroom”, and 366 for “shower”. From these facts I draw the simple conclusion that many people (myself included) do a fair amount of creative thinking while they are in the bathroom. I will even be brazen enough to suggest that the majority of this thinking is done while seated on the porcelain throne (while a not too distant second place goes to being in the shower). So if sitting on the shitter is such an inspirational activity, why should it be limited to the bathroom?

Introducing the Thinking Throne! Available in a multitude of colors and patterns, it is guaranteed to blend in perfectly in any room. Got a spare corner in your high-level executive office? Need some inspiration out there in your garden? Pick up your own Thinking Throne today and start getting your thoughts in order. It’s perfect for letting co-workers know you are deep in thought and would prefer not to be bothered or just sitting back after a long day’s work and developing that Nobel Prize winning invention!

Both the lid and seat are handcrafted out of our patented space age material, sure to provide a cushy seat and maintain circulation to your legs even after hours of use. Leave the tank hollow for storage or upgrade it with one of our many available options (stereo system, fish tank, heated massage pad, incense burner, or create your own custom tank!). This holiday season, show them how much you care with a Thinking Throne. It’s the perfect gift for all ages and is sure to last a lifetime!

Disclaimer: The Thinking Throne is not designed for use as a real toilet and has no operational plumbing parts. It should be noted that dropping trou is not required for use of the Thinking Throne and that doing so may actually trigger some of your body’s natural instincts. The Thinking Throne Company therefore cannot be held responsible for any accidents of a human-waste nature incurred while riding the “Regal Rim”. We do however sympathize with your situation and suggest that you call our 24-hour hotline for tips and suggestions on how to properly clean your Throne, body, and/or any clothing that you may have befouled.

luecke, Dec 12 2003


       Croissant just cos the disclaimer made me smile on a Friday afternoon at work
lolo, Dec 12 2003

       When I finally have my idea, I would like to have a bulb light up over my head when I pull the chain.
friendlyfire, Dec 12 2003

       Could also be handy for those hours when you just HAVE to finish that novel or that drawing! I hate how regular toilets cut off the circulation in my legs! (+)
flamingcrackmonkey, Dec 12 2003

       To be honest I rarely read on the toilet, for me the thinking is done in an extremely hot bath, however this is a flaky idea of goodness!
P.S. what lolo said as well *grin*
The_Englishman_Abroad, Dec 12 2003

       It's always novels or puzzles for me! I have talked on the phone on a few occasions even though it tends to gross people out when they hear the toilet flush over the phone.
flamingcrackmonkey, Dec 12 2003

       I like this too, although just making my regular operational toilet more comfortable would be great, too. Keep me posted on the "space age material" would you, [luecke]? Thanks. Place another pastry in your Throne.   

       (Editor's note - "ridding" is the past tense of the verb "rid." I think you want "riding," the past tense of the verb "ride." This is officially the first time I've ever noticed the incorrect doubling/non-doubling of a constant. My dear English-major mother gnashes her teeth at my use of the non-word "realy".)   

       [flamingcrackmonkey], I have been succesful in closing the lid, and then flushing as I run out the bathroom door - my girlfriend has never heard me flushing while I'm on the phone with her. Of course, you have to wash your hands before flushing, but that's a minor issue.
sycorob24, Dec 12 2003

       bah my boyfriend can deal with it. He always gets me back whenever we get in the car. Thank gawd for power windows!
flamingcrackmonkey, Dec 12 2003

       [friendlyfire] - The light bulb would be a nice touch. Perhaps it could serve as a bad omen if you burn out the bulb on a given idea...   

       [sycorob24] - The space age material is probably just some foam with a nice texture. It's all in the marketing. Afterall, didn't we reach the space age back in the 60s?   

       And thanks for the catch, I did indeed mean to say "riding" and have made the change, although I belive "rode" is the proper past tense of "ride". Sadly enough I tend to make this type of error far too often. For the life of me I cannot remember if I should eat my diner in a dinner, or my dinner in a diner...
luecke, Dec 12 2003

       //(Editor's note - "ridding" is the past tense of the verb "rid." I think you want "riding," the past tense of the verb "ride." //
Surely these are examples of present participles (or more formally gerunds)?
I thought of this in the toilet mind so I am bunning the idea.
<too much information>My usual throne-reading material is Private Eye or Viz.<tmi>
gnomethang, Dec 12 2003


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