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Dog Foot Bed

Your feet can’t always be there for your dog, but this bed can.
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My dog always lies on my feet. I won’t let him up on the couch, so he always lies on the floor with at least some part of his body touching my feet. If I take my shoes off and put my feet up, he will lay on my shoes. I have caught him sleeping many times with his nose actually inserted into my shoe. Hopefully this is some sign of intense loyalty, but maybe it’s just a strange preference of his. Either way, I want him to be happy.

The Dog Foot Bed is a standard dog bed - covered in feet! They can be molded out of a soft rubber or tough foam and should look like a bunch of human feet, cut off just above the ankle. This opens up all sorts of options in terms of bed size, foot size, heated or not, and coverage density (do you just want a pair here and there, or do you want them everywhere? … why do I feel like Dr. Seuss all of a sudden?).

Actually, seeing as how I already have a perfectly good (but underused) $70 dog bed, maybe the feet can also be sold individually and you can sew them on at home.

So forget about those fancy covers. Your dog doesn’t want to sleep on corduroy, cotton, or fake sheepskin. He wants to sleep on feet.

luecke, Jun 02 2004


       Read: Dog Food Bed. A multi-use dog product for the lazy overweight dog.
Worldgineer, Jun 02 2004

       It's certainly affection, if not actual loyalty (that part comes when there's a burglar threatening you). But dogs have a strong sense of smell, which is why your dog will accept your shoes as a substitute but is unlikely to want to lie on latex feet.
DrCurry, Jun 02 2004

       I am with [Dr Curry] here. Get an old jumper or some really old socks and wear them while doing vigorous exercise then give them to the Dog. Problem solved.
PainOCommonSense, Jun 02 2004

       I’ve never known a dog that slept on feet. I had one once that would sleep on sneakers, but that was because he had a taste for shoelaces.
ldischler, Jun 02 2004

       Put your old socks on the latex feet to give the dog the aromatic environment it craves.   

       I have three dogs who all enjoy a cuddle, but mostly they sleep a little distance away from me - I'd like to think they respect their pack leader's space but its probably more likely that they get more peace that way. One of them though always snuggles down on my wife's feet - it's the nearest she can be to my wife in order to protect her from the evil cat trying to steal her attention!
dobtabulous, Jun 02 2004

       I'm not proposing this as an alternative to him laying on my feet (I usually enjoy it), but just for his own comfort when my feet are not to be found. No doubt he has grown accustomed to the feeling of laying on feet and I just thought he would be more comfortable doing it when I'm not around... plus it would look great in the corner of my living room. Talk about a conversation starter.
luecke, Jun 02 2004


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