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Velcro Side Mirrors

Just stick 'em back on when they get knocked off
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Maybe you’re a bad driver or maybe you just happened to park in the wrong spot at the wrong time (Really, who hits a parked car?). But since it happened to me, I would guess that it is not uncommon for a side mirror to become separated from its car without actually damaging the glass or mechanics of the mirror - It’s that little plastic arm that attaches the mirror to the car that breaks. Unfortunately, at least in Michigan, the salvage yards (crooks) are only willing to sell an entire mirror for replacement, not just the little plastic arm. So now I can either continue to drive around with a half roll of duct-tape on my car, or shell out $150 to get my mirror replaced…

If only I had opted for Velcro Mirrors when I got my car! It would have been so much easier to grab my mirror as it dangled from the tether-line and simply reposition it on the side of my car using the industrial strength Velcro patches. The Velcro is strong enough to withstand high wind and car-wash abuse*, so I wouldn't find myself constantly having to reposition the mirrors.

These wouldn’t be very hard or expensive to manufacture. You could even have your current car retrofitted, although I suppose that would cost about the same as just replacing your mirrors, which would make it somewhat pointless unless you are a frequent mirror-killer.

*not at the same time, but then again, you probably shouldn’t be driving through the car-wash that fast anyway.

luecke, Nov 17 2003


       You could also swap mirrors with your friends to create a new look!
dobtabulous, Nov 17 2003

       And if by any chance you did lose one, it would be a cinch to nick someone else's! +
egbert, Nov 17 2003

       thats true... maybe these would replace the hood-ornaments as the car part of choice to be stolen by teenage thugs who would then wear them on chains around their neck as a "bad boy" status symbol
luecke, Nov 17 2003

       Finally! Something to throw at the driver that cut me off!
phoenix, Nov 17 2003

       I like this. How about retractable mirrors? Similar to a power antenna.
ramiyam, Nov 17 2003

       My mirrors fold back when struck, which is preferable to this idea. However, my mirrors don't offer the satisfying "rip" sound that this product would provide.
Worldgineer, Nov 17 2003

       Mine fold as well (in either direction), but it didn't make me feel any better when I went out to my car and saw that my mirror had indeed folded before it gave and broke off. I think it must have really gotten nailed by someone
luecke, Nov 17 2003

       Mine are powered and fold into the car.
Helium, Nov 17 2003

       is that really your aunt's name?
po, Nov 17 2003

       Velcro mirrors - wonderful! If you put enough velcro on the outside you could also stick less important extra passengers to the outside of your car, when seats run short.
BritUSA, Nov 17 2003

       They'd be hell to get lined up properly.
waugsqueke, Nov 17 2003

       Sounds good to me. The velcro that they used for the "EZ-Pass" plastic cartridge we have that goes inside on windshield is pretty strong.
flypaper, Nov 21 2003


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