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[Jul 31 2006, last modified Sep 10 2023]
 Asteroid Mining Robot
(+2) Bluetooth Otoscope
(+4) Cell Phone "Find Me" mode
(+2) Cheap Bike Nav
(+10)(+10) Cheap Flood Insurance
(+5) Clothesline talks to sprinkler
(+2, -1) CovidTestMadk
(+3) Cross "Rozencranz and Guildenstern are Dead" with "James Bond"
(+9)(+9) Crowd Sourced Video Editing
(+5, -3) Field Programmable Solid State Vacuum Tube
(+2) Hell on wheels
(+5, -3) Inter-stellar ion drive
(+1, -3) Lunar Oxygen Source
(+4) Modular camcorder media
 Multi-camera video editing
 My Fair Ada
(+2) Reverse cookbook
(+4) Smog Check History Comparison
(+8)(+8) Solar Powered, Light Seeking Flower Pot
(-3) Solar Skin Electric Car
(+7, -4) Space Broom
(+7) The NSA guide to genealogy
(+8, -3) unpatent

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