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Crowd Sourced Video Editing

Users share videos of the same event and can edit their own custom mix
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This idea came to me at my daughter's middle school band concert. There must have been at least a dozen parents either in the back of the auditorium or in the audience recording the performance using either a video camera or a smart phone.

Imagine a web site, sort of like a mashup of Adobe Premier and YouTube where these parents could upload their raw video. The innovation of this idea is that the web side is capable of synchronizing multiple videos of the same event (by comparing the video and audio and perhaps timecode). Users are presented with a timeline interface (think Adobe Premier) and can select among any of the sources and mix between them. Then the uploaders, or any other users they allow to access the resulting mix can download one of the edited videos.

mzellers, Dec 10 2013


       Would allow for a more appealing way to record these things, too.   

       Wish they'd done that at MY band concerts.
shapu, Dec 10 2013

       Also, select the best audio tracks, even hop between tracks to avoid localized crown noise. It might take some fancy processing, but it seems like generating stereo or even suround sound ought to be possible as well.
scad mientist, Dec 10 2013

       Great idea! Just thinking about implementing it makes my CompSci C Student brain spin wildly.
lepton, Dec 10 2013

       There's an app for that... :D See: Clinch, Jumpcam, CrowdFlik ...
sonam, Dec 12 2013


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