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Multi-camera video editing

Video editor that can edit video from multiple cheap camcorders
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I'd like to see a plugin for a video editor, such as Adobe Premiere that can take multiple video files and, using the sound track, align them and then be able to edit them together.

What I have in mind is to be able to do the kind of cutting and fading you might do with a live special effects generator in post processing.

It might use a combination of the time meta-data and audio to try to align and synchronize the video tracks and position them on the timeline.

mzellers, Jun 14 2013


       Just email it to someone with a dodgy subject line and the Prism guys will probably just do it for you.   

       Admittedly you'll have to Freedom of Information to get it, but still cheaper than buying video editor software.
not_morrison_rm, Jun 14 2013

       I once got interested in making my own 3D videos by tying together two cameras for one shot.   

       It seemed there was software which could edit/combine the results but never got that far.
4and20, Jun 14 2013

       Almost all video editing software (except for the very basic stuff like iMovie) supports multicam editing, including Premiere. If your timecode matches on the cameras, it can sync the clips automatically. If not, you have to find sync points and do it manually. Using audio to sync multiple cameras has been considered and tried, but it's not very workable for a lot of reasons (vastly different audio from different camera positions, frame rate drift between different types of cameras, etc.).   

       Do a search in the Premiere help file for multicam editing. It should show you exactly how to get it up and running, no plugin required. It just takes a bit of effort, but that's the way it is.
ytk, Jun 14 2013

       // 4and20   

       From memory youtube used to allow two camera upload, and then it would blend them together for you to get 3d-ish. Then you'd have to download the output and edit it.
not_morrison_rm, Jun 15 2013

       The easiest way to do this is to use timecode. Set it to "Free Run" if you can and you'll be able to start and stop the cameras individually without having to synchronise every little clip.   

       If your cameras are too cheap to support proper timecode then you can sync them manually. Start them all recording and get them all pointed at the same place, clap your hands once where they can all see you, and then get them pointed at what you want to record. When you come to edit the footage you can use the hand clap to get them in sync. You'll have to clap again if any of them get stopped and restarted.   

       If you want to be slightly professional about it, get or make a proper clapper board.   

       Frame rate drift between even the cheapest camcorders has never been a problem for me.
Wrongfellow, Jun 15 2013


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