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Smog Check History Comparison

Compare the performance of your vehicles to other similar vehicles
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I'd like to get a report along with my semi-anuall smog check that tells me the history of my cars performance as recorded in the previous smog checks, along with comparing that to agregated data for other cars of the same make, model and year.

The frustrating thing is, I know DMV has all this data, it is just a matter of crunching it.

mzellers, Jul 15 2009


FlyingToaster, Jul 15 2009

       DMV? Smog check? There's only a very tiny part of the world that has these institutions, and so this idea may exclude the majority of visitors to this site.
mylodon, Jul 16 2009

       Agreed, but isn't my beloved California something like the worlds seventh largest economy? Uh, I mean, used to be.   

       Nontheless, I'd pay for this service just as I happily pay for a Carfax report while I'm car shopping.
normzone, Jul 16 2009


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