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Solar Skin Electric Car

A Car with a flexible solar panel skin
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What I want is an electric car with a flexible solar panel skin that covers the entire vehicle. You park it outside and it charges the battery while you're at work, then you drive it home.
mzellers, Mar 17 2007

Spray-On Solar-Power Cells http://news.nationa...4_solarplastic.html
[BJS, Mar 17 2007]

Photovoltaic Paint Photovoltaic_20Paint
[BJS, Mar 17 2007]

Solar Paint http://www.cbc.ca/t.../solar/sargent.html
[BJS, Mar 17 2007]

Honda solar car http://www.speedace...directory/honda.htm
This what you're after? [wagster, Mar 18 2007]


       I can supply you with one. For a price.
the dog's breakfast, Mar 17 2007

       Why not use solar paint?
BJS, Mar 17 2007

       What I want is an idea that nobody has thought of before, and about half of what it takes to make it work. [-]
baconbrain, Mar 18 2007


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