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Cheap Flood Insurance

A Heavy Duty Plastic Bag is Cheap Flood Insurance
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The events of hurricane Sandy made me think that it would be useful to have a heavy duty plastic bag I could wrap my car in.

It would be double-sealed such that little or no water could leak in. In the event of a major flood event, you just drive your car onto the bag and seal it up. Your car stays nice and dry until the waters recede.

Such a bag could be probably be sold for about $100.00, which is obviously much cheaper than replacing the entire vehicle.

mzellers, Oct 30 2012

Injury reported with prototype testing http://www.google.c...,i:170&tx=115&ty=86
[normzone, Oct 31 2012]

This would probably work. http://undergroundb...ortableshelters.htm
Enourmous freezer bag for storing paranoid people. [DIYMatt, Oct 31 2012]


       A vehicle will float in as little as seven inches of water (depth on the frame/body, not the tires). It will wash away in as little as two inches of flowing water (total).   

       So your car might stay dry, but unless it was parked in a garage or similarly restricted, it might go visiting Lord Buchanan.
MechE, Oct 31 2012

       The bag vacuum-seals after you exit, and the bottom is lined with ten tons of shot.
Alterother, Oct 31 2012

       Floating and dry is still better than floating and wet (or sunk).
AusCan531, Oct 31 2012

       Well, the $100 is short of the mark, but it's a great idea. Drive into it and inflate / seal it, one time use. Tether it to something not too scary.
normzone, Oct 31 2012

       How about one of your ideas? They never go anywhere …
8th of 7, Oct 31 2012

       //sold cheaply, printed on rice paper,// Haven't had food in days... so hungry! but I can't eat this insurance policy because I'll lose my claim...
phundug, Oct 31 2012

       It shouldn't be too much more expensive to tether the bag by cable to a concrete-embedded anchor. [+]
Voice, Oct 31 2012

       This is a great idea. As far as the floating issue, just chain it so something.   

       If the car and whatever it was chained to floats away, move to California.*   

       *(Please don't move to California.)
doctorremulac3, Oct 31 2012

       I second that - it's difficult enough already to find a parking place to unroll my Bag-loon in. And I have seen evidence of injuries in prototype testing (link).
normzone, Oct 31 2012

       See my link. If you had one of those with a reenforced floor you could pop it up, drive your car in, and seal up the door. It's been voted "product most likely to cause death by suffocation" ten years in a row!
DIYMatt, Oct 31 2012

       + OK, now how about one for the house?
xandram, Oct 31 2012


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